Posted by: Tha Square | July 20, 2008

No Wonder Nintendo Doesn’t Call it the Wiimote…

Ever wonder why Nintendo doesn’t refer to their latest console’s controller as the Wiimote? It’s because there has been one on the market for years. Named the Weemote, this TV remote is designed for kids and allows parents to program the stations they find suitable for their children. Created byFobis Technologies, the Weemote was  trademarked back in 2000, long before the Wii was ever debuted.

Nintendo has never called their device the Wiimote to avoid a lawsuit but they don’t have to; fans do it for them. Dubbing the object this catchy and fitting phrase, fans have created all the word of mouth ever needed to push the nickname into the headlines. Unfortunately, this has slowed sales of the actual Weemote drastically and it doesn’t seem like the world takes any consideration of their idea. I feel for ya Fobis Technologies. Come have a drink with Philo Farnsworth and I.




  1. Thank you for your respect for the American small businessman. We appreciate your consideration. Where do we collect on the drink?

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