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Games You May Have Missed Part Two

Ah… it’s October. It’s finally time to retire our summer clothes and get ready to enjoy the inevitable transformation our daily lives will go through. The seasons are changing, TV lineups are being altered, and America is finally getting a new president. But more importantly, it’s almost Halloween! It’s due time to paint our faces up in the nastiest fashion possible and collect the goodies good little ghouls and goblins deserve (or a few pints of beer if you’re not so little)! If you’re lucky, a friendly Frankenstein might drop one of these enchanting tricks in your bag of treats. So open wide you’re your sack, candy crusader, and enjoy these Games You May Have Missed.

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Your Voice is Needed America: Tell Reggie You Want a Disaster

We have all been waiting for Disaster: Day of Crisis for a very long time now; over two years to be exact. The Western Hemisphere of the globe has been watching from the sidelines, awaiting any hint of news about its release close to home. Curiously, it has never come and for a very odd reason – Nintendo of America might not even release the game over here.

Reggie Fils-Aime and the rest of NOA were waiting to see how well the game sold in Europe before bringing it stateside. Now, however, they’ve changed their tune to a more gamer friendly jingle. They’ve decided to allow the fans dictate this one. Gamers, be they from the America or Timbuktu, simply need to voice their opinion at in the form of a comment. Membership is not required to leave a “yay” or “nay”, so if you’re as eager to get your paws on this Disaster as I am, click one of the links to provided in this post to let your voice be heard.


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WiiSpeak Channel Planned, Dated, and Gimped

With the WiiSpeak on the horizon, it was an inevitability that some sort of chat channel was on its way as well. Today at the Nintendo Conference, The WiiSpeak Channel was announced and will arrive on the same day, November 16. Those who buy the microphone will receive a code to download the software to their Wiis for free. I’m not sure if the free code comes with the Animal Crossing: City Folk and WiiSpeak bundle though. Seeing how they’re marketing it with some sort of a price tag and there will be no other way to use the channel except with a WiiSpeak (I assume), I think the signs are pointing to “no” for the bundle. I could be gravely mistaken.

There is a bit of a snag; only four WiiSpeak users can communicate with each other at a time. That would be great for a few families looking to chat at the same time, but the people I know usually play games by themselves. Hopefully a wider amount of users per chat will be added at a later date, but this is still great news nonetheless. It’s funny, I made an April Fool’s Day joke about this very thing…


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Club.Nintendo of America Announced

Club.Nintendo has been the envy of fans who don’t reside in Japan. From free giveaways to contests to exclusive news, the Club is pretty much a fanboy’s wet dream. Americans can rejoice today as the Big N is planning on hiking up all that fun and bringing it to our shores! Scheduled to release by the end of this year, Club.Nintendo allows subscribers to save up points and cash them in for glorious Nintendo prizes (the free giveaways and contests still with it, mind you). I’m not sure which parts of the Americas this will be offered but I assume the USA, Canada, and Mexico at least. So be ready to join the Club and you might just snag yourself some sweet swag!

Just a few items from Club.Nintendo


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Nintendo DS – Japanese Fall Conference 2008 Reel

The new Nintendo DSi is on its way with more functions than ever! Camera capabilities, SD card ready, MP3 playback, and much more.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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New DS Announced – DSi!

Within minutes of the October 2nd Nintendo Event in Japan, Satoru iwata announced the new Nintendo DSi. the third installment in the DS lifeline, the DSi, has (as rumored) camera capabilities, music playback, possible dual color (black or white) variety upon release, larger screens, SD card support, and a better Wi-Fi experience. However, GameBoy Advance capability has been removed and some add-ons, such as the rumble pack and Guitar Hero: On Tour peripheral may not work.

The camera is 640×480 pixels and you can edit pictures while listening to music. Once you’ve edited to your hearts content, you will be able to save these to an SD card and transfer them over directly to the Wii. And speaking of the Wii-DSi compatability, you will also be able to download games via the Nintendo DS Shop with Nintendo Points (AKA Wii Points). Software will be be either cost nothing, 200, 500, and 800 Points, depending on what Nintendo dictates.

The Nintendo DSi will hit Japan on November 1st for the price of 18,900 Yen (about $179.99 US)

What is known is this event has rocked the socks off of the E3 showing. stay tuned for more tasty tidbits as this two day event rolls on!

Here’s the official DSi site mind you that it is in Japanese…


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Will Nintendo go from Wii to HDii?

Theories have started to rise surrounding Nintendo’s next home console with strong evidence backing up the claims. Based on financial reports and anonymous claims, has determined the Wii’s successor could be HD ready.

“… Apparently set to hit the market “by 2011” the new device is said to be the true “next generation” Nintendo console, and far more than a simple refresh of the current hardware. Unlike previous console transitions from Nintendo, the new system will be presented as a true successor to the Wii, and is being dubbed by those that have seen the presentation as “Wii HD.” There is no indication if this will be its eventual name, but the nature of the transition has been characterized as similar to “the shift from Game Boy to Game Boy Advance,” where familiar, key elements were left intact while the core hardware was made more powerful. It is expected by all those that we have spoken to on the subject that the new device will retain the Wii name in part..”

Nintendo has been spending qutie a lot of money in their research and development department it appears. In three years, Nintendo’s cash flow to the department is said to have gone from $34 million to $370 million from 2003 to 2006. That’s a whole lot of cash spent on figuring out stuff if you ask me. With tomorrow’s event creeping ever closer, we may just see it debuted in a matter of hours… or not.


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New Sonic & the Black Knight Scan

There seems to be a Sonic revival going on this year. With our favorite blue hedgehog appearing in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Sonic Riders, Sega tupersars Tennis, Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic Chronicles this year alone, Sega is really pushing their posterboy to the brink. Sonic & the Black Knight isn’t scheduled for release until Spring of 2009 but that doesn’t mean they can’t show off a few screens here and there. In the latest issue of Famitsu, a few new shots can be found. check them out!


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New Fragile Screens

Wow, this game is looking great! Fragile: Farewell Ruins of the Moon is a  post-apocalyptic adventure game by the makers of the Baten Kaitos and Eternal Sonata series, Tri-Cresendo. It’s being published by Namco-Bandai in Japan but there has yet to be an announcement for its release elsewhere. Here are some screens found from and the game’s official website. I’m not too sure on their actual “new”-ness, but most I have yet to see myself.


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