Posted by: Tha Square | October 3, 2008

Your Voice is Needed America: Tell Reggie You Want a Disaster

We have all been waiting for Disaster: Day of Crisis for a very long time now; over two years to be exact. The Western Hemisphere of the globe has been watching from the sidelines, awaiting any hint of news about its release close to home. Curiously, it has never come and for a very odd reason – Nintendo of America might not even release the game over here.

Reggie Fils-Aime and the rest of NOA were waiting to see how well the game sold in Europe before bringing it stateside. Now, however, they’ve changed their tune to a more gamer friendly jingle. They’ve decided to allow the fans dictate this one. Gamers, be they from the America or Timbuktu, simply need to voice their opinion at in the form of a comment. Membership is not required to leave a “yay” or “nay”, so if you’re as eager to get your paws on this Disaster as I am, click one of the links to provided in this post to let your voice be heard.


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