Posted by: Tha Square | April 1, 2008

Voice Chat in Mario Kart Wii Confirmed + A New Voice Chat Channel!

Earlier today, Shigeru Miyamoto himself held a press conference announcing that Nintendo  has finally removed a few shackles from the Wii’s online functions by allowing Mario Kart Wii to become the first Wii game to have voice communications! Showing off Nintendo’s wireless headset, Miyamoto simultaneously announced the release of a new channel – a dedicated voice chatroom simply called “Voice” that is accessed from the Wii’s main menu. All you have to do to talk to a buddy is exchange each others console friend codes and the new chatroom’s code as well.


Miyamoto did go into some detail about both these announcements as well, speaking on how they will implement the technology in Mario Kart Wii and the specifics of the headset and channel.

“The Mario Kart Wii release date is quickly approaching and we’re really working hard to make sure everything runs smoothly. Though it is unclear if Japan, Europe, or any other region will see this at launch, an update will be made available shorty afterwards if we can’t wrap the addition of this newly added feature up in time…”

“You’ll have to exchange friend codes in Mario Kart Wii and voice communication codes in order to chat. We really want to make sure that our valued customers’ privacy and security remain intact…”

“The wireless headset will be available for purchase April 7th globally. It will cost 4,600 Yen (roughly $45) and will include an access code that will allow the purchaser to download the Voice Channel for free when it becomes available…”

“Though I can’t get into details about what all we’re planning to do with this device, I can let you know that there’s been discussion of a music channel…”

Wow, talk about a huge announcement! That’s not even half of what he said! I’m totally psyched about this, it can’t come at a better time. With Brawl‘s mediocre online still raising debates on forums across the net, Nintendo seriously needed to ante up with something. This was really unexpected, especially so close to Mario Kart Wii‘s release.

UPDATE: In case some of you didn’t figure this out yet, this was an April Fool’s Day joke! If you click on the link below, it takes you to nothing more than a picture declaring “Happy April Fool’s Day”. So, did I get cha?

Be sure to check out the entire article over at



  1. […] be added at a later date, but this is still great news nonetheless. It’s funny, I made an April Fool’s Day joke about this very […]

  2. Good afternoon, Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

    A man was in a bar. Hoping to strike up a conversation with a distinguished looking fellow sitting nearby, he said, “May I buy you a drink?”
    “No,” said the man coolly, “Don’t drink. Tried it once and I didn’t like it.”
    “Would you like a cigar?”
    “No. Don’t smoke. Tried tobacco once and I didn’t like it.”
    “Would you like to join me in a game of gin rummy?”
    “No. Don’t like card games. Tried it once, and I didn’t like it.
    However, my son will be dropping in after a bit. Perhaps he will join you.”
    The first man settled back in his chair and said, “Your only son, I presume?”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  3. Where can I perches this item

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