Posted by: Tha Square | October 2, 2008

New DS Announced – DSi!

Within minutes of the October 2nd Nintendo Event in Japan, Satoru iwata announced the new Nintendo DSi. the third installment in the DS lifeline, the DSi, has (as rumored) camera capabilities, music playback, possible dual color (black or white) variety upon release, larger screens, SD card support, and a better Wi-Fi experience. However, GameBoy Advance capability has been removed and some add-ons, such as the rumble pack and Guitar Hero: On Tour peripheral may not work.

The camera is 640×480 pixels and you can edit pictures while listening to music. Once you’ve edited to your hearts content, you will be able to save these to an SD card and transfer them over directly to the Wii. And speaking of the Wii-DSi compatability, you will also be able to download games via the Nintendo DS Shop with Nintendo Points (AKA Wii Points). Software will be be either cost nothing, 200, 500, and 800 Points, depending on what Nintendo dictates.

The Nintendo DSi will hit Japan on November 1st for the price of 18,900 Yen (about $179.99 US)

What is known is this event has rocked the socks off of the E3 showing. stay tuned for more tasty tidbits as this two day event rolls on!

Here’s the official DSi site mind you that it is in Japanese…



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