Posted by: Tha Square | October 1, 2008

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Revealed

Hold onto your +5 Hype staffs RPG fans, a new Final Fantasy game has been announced by Square-Enix amidst the pages of Shonen Jump magazine. The game will feature some truly one of a kind way of play as it is to be one of the first games to utilize the Nintendo Wii and DS connectivity. Players might be able to use their Mii caricatures in-game and online though that’s a bit hazy right now. Gameplay will differ depending on your preferred system and those who will only own one copy of the game on either will be able to play with others on the opposing one. That means if you decide to only buy the DS version and all your friends buy the Wii’s, you can still play with them! Other attributes include:

  • Play at the same time on the Wii and DS, thanks to Pollux Engine created by Square Enix.
  • Players on the Wii and players on the Nintendo DS will be able to play online together.
  • Different gameplay for the 2 versions (stylus or Wii Remote).
  • Story revolves around Charlotta and a mysterious crystal.
  • You can transfer Mii characters you made to the DS version.

The game is scheduled for release on January 29, 2009 in Japan and no word yet on any other areas’ date.


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