Posted by: Tha Square | September 29, 2008

Luc Bernard Back in the Biz: Eternity’s Child 2 Announced

Luc Bernard is the creator of one of the unique side scrolling adventure Eternity’s Child which, unfortunately, got a few thumbs down by critics across the net. After the sour reception his “Child” got, he planned to retire from the gaming scene… until now. Eternity’s Child 2: Retro Child is planned to be released in mid 2009 with retro style visuals and all the side scrolling action you know you love.

“The story will pick up right after the end of the first game and chronicles Angel’s adventure after he’s rejected due to his lack of wings and is sent away from the rest of his species. A year later Angel finds himself living in a city that is controlled by Landians. Angel’s wings suddenly grow back for no apparent reason and he becomes the target of the Landian hunters.

Luc emphasized that 16-bit style graphics would be used for a couple of reasons. For starters, the game would be easy to fit inside of the 40MB WiiWare file size limit by using these type of visuals. Another key reason for the graphic style is that Luc has always had a fondness for the classic Super NES platformers and wanted to take a shot at capturing some of the success the retro-themed Mega Man 9 WiiWare title has recently enjoyed.”

If you’re wondering where the first game of the series is, WiiWare-World claims it has been delayed due to complications porting it over from the PC version. It will come stocked with a challenge mode where you can play through several levels created by fans. Expect it by the end of this year.


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