Posted by: Tha Square | September 29, 2008

Footage of Mega Man 9’s Downloadable Content

Mmm… Bonus content… I love it as much as Homer loves doughnuts. The newly released Mega Man 9 came out with a vacant menu for downloadable content. Several items were rumored to be on their way at the time of its release which now have been found to be true (though I think they were proven the same day). The IGN team knew about the it all along and have only now been able to share with the rest of the gaming community what’s in store for the popular title. The biggest shocker was the ability to play as Proto Man.

Proto Man is the rebel machine of Dr. Wily’s creation that has help the Blue Bomber on several occasions. In this outing, he wields several abilities Mega Man does not including a shield that deflects some bullets, the charge shot, and the ability to slide. He also takes on a few weaknesses as well. Every hit he takes doesdouble the damage Mega Man takes and also gets knocked back twice the distance. However, picking up this unlockable seems well worth the $2.


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