Posted by: Tha Square | September 25, 2008

Jack Thompson Disbarred and Already Protesting

The man who tried to shoot down the first person shooter genre, Jack Thompson, has now officially been banned from practicing law. After walking out of his court case and ignoring the ruling like a 10 year old girl with her fingers in her ears, I think the Florida judicial system has been keen on revoking his license. Now, he has already filed motions to fight back.

Thompson claims the disbarment order contains “demonstrable factual errors,” and also that his disbarment will prevent him from carrying out his duties as a lawyer for one Richard Gorman, currently in jail as the result of a conspiracy carried out by Assistant State Attorney Matthew Alex Smith, with assistance from the Board of Governors of the Florida Bar… As part of his request for a stay, Thompson wrote, “Additionally, it is fascinating that Justice Cannady, who has undoubtedly reviewed absolutely nothing about this disciplinary case, has put his name to this disbarment order on the day that he was served with the federal civil rights action. What a coincidence.

Come on Jack… hang it up. the limelight has faded a long time ago.



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