Posted by: Tha Square | September 24, 2008

VGChartz Interviews 2D Boy; World of Goo News Galore!

The World of Goo news has been rather meek these past couple of months but the creators of this unique puzzle game, Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler, have finally stepped back up to the mic. Speaking with, they shed a bit of light on their upcoming WiiWare (and retail in Europe) game.

“Q: We’ve already been introduced to 8 types of goo in the Family of Goo! Should we expect even more than these types of goo as we progress through the game? If so, about how many types of goo can we expect?

Kyle: There are a lot – one of my favorites is a really fat Beauty Ball who is filled with Beauty Product. There are also match stick balls who are extremely flammable. There are balls which aren’t really living, or maybe they are, nobody really knows. There are Block Head and Rect Head “balls”. There is a Pokey Ball who is very emotionally and physically clingy. There are Water Balls who make things like strands of drool. And Chapter 4 has some unusual surprises. In general, you meet new species of Goo every few levels. It was very important that all puzzles in the game be very different from one other.

Q: You’ve already revealed that on WiiWare you’re planning on having multiplayer co-op, how many simultaneous players are you planning to support? Does this co-op mode include any levels designed around co-op gameplay?

Ron: The Wii version will support up to 4 people playing on the same screen. Turns out that while playing co-op mode players tend to talk with each other to figure out the puzzle and coordinate the actual work so the cooperation takes place both on-screen and off-screen. That was an unexpected surprise for us and it was really cool to watch it happen.

Kyle: Many of the levels have creative multiplayer solutions, even though they were designed to be solvable by a single player since most people have just one WiiMote. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m curious to see if anyone discovers some of the things you can do with multiple WiiMotes that you can’t do with just one. You can also play with two hands if you have two WiiMotes and nobody else is around.”

You can read the rest of this gooey Q&A at via the VGChartz link below!


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