Posted by: Tha Square | September 22, 2008

New Info on Swords and Soldiers

Last month, the developers behind de Blob revealed their first attempt at a WiiWare game, Swords and Soldiers. The game will be a cartoon style, 2D, real time strategy game involving Vikings, Aztecs and possibly Ninjas. Nothing much has been revealed on this inventive game until now. 1Up had the chance to shoot a few questionsFabian Akker’s, the cofounder of Ronimo Games, way. They were a bit hush-hush on the whole thing, but did shed some light on the games origin and possible release date.

“Akker says that the inspiration came from the ending of an animated short called Super Moine (“Super Monk”), which depicts a monk violently dispatching a group of invading Vikings. As the short concludes, the credits play over a side-scrolling, game-like 2D perspective in which the monk continues to pummel Viking foes…

“…the game’s on target for release toward the end of the year, likely in November or December. Though the game has only been in development for four months, Akker’s confident that the team will deliver a balanced, playful experience that will fill the RTS gap on Wii. Expect a slow drip of details on the game from Ronimo Games until then, including more on the split-screen multiplayer (no online play, sadly) and additional game modes that Akker claims will add “some new and interesting gameplay” to the Swords & Soldiers experience.”


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