Posted by: Tha Square | September 16, 2008

Devs Behind Metroid Prime Looking to Multiple Platform Shores

A few months ago, three of the minds behind the Metroid Prime series left Retro Studios on a bit of a sour note. Said to be escorted off the premises, these three developers were the former Game Director, Art Director and Principal Technology Engineer at Retro. The word on the street was these men were off to form their own studio but until now little was known of their intentions.

Mark Pacini, Todd Keller, and Jack Mathews have now signed up with Electronic Arts to publish their media and formed Armature Studio. The new studio is part of EA’s Blueprint Division which, in turn, is a game developing experiment. It will be comprised of veteran developers and will only create game prototypes. Once it’s near completion, Armature Studio will release it to an outside team to finish it off.

They have already started making games though there’s no word on what type of game they’ll be. I expect a FPS of some sort, but that’s just an assumption. Whatever may be, I hope the best for them.



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