Posted by: Tha Square | September 15, 2008

GameStop CEO Predicts Wii Shortage This Holiday Season

Sorry moms and dads, it looks like you’ll be waiting in another long line this holiday season. With pre-orders for Wiis selling out within hours now almost two years running, it doesn’t look like this entertainment train is  slowing down any time soon. Dan Matteo, a CEO ofGameStop, told GamesDaily the future looks bleak for people looking to stick a Wii under their tree come December.

“I’ve never seen this type of demand before. I know they’re making more, but we’re still short like everybody else. I think we’ll have a continued shortage this Christmas… I don’t see a near-term end in sight forWii shortages, not unless they really ramp up supply. I think they’ve ramped it up 20 percent or so, but Nintendo is fairly cautious by nature. They ramped it up 20 and it’s still evaporating.”

So if you know your kids or friends are going to want a Wii this year, better get to shopping before “Black Friday” rolls around. Nintendo gave out raincheck certificates last year to those who could not find a Wii last year. Maybe they’ll do the same this time around.



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