Posted by: Tha Square | September 8, 2008

Something “Better Than a Hard Drive” In the Pipes.

Nintendo confirmed a new storage solution after the fans’ response to their dismal E3 showing. Since then, the talk and debate over their plan of action on this time consuming problem has been a bit on the low side. Today, however, ReggieFils-Aime added a small dose of fuel to the fire. During an interview with Club Nintendo, the offical Nintendo magazine of Latin America, “the Regginator” struck a line through hard drives on the list of expected answers to this problem. Nintendo will apparently not only be creating this solution in the near future but will 1-up hard drives in the process.

On the same note, Nintendo claimed they will not be releasing many more peripherals for the Wii.  So what could it be? Will they allow preexisting external drives to connect via the USB ports? It seems unlikely Nintendo would go the route which would bear them no fruit for their troubles while allowing others to prosper. Will they create new memory cards like theGameCube’s or PlayStation’s? Wait a second… maybe Mario will feed all the Wiis some of his mushrooms and they’ll double in size! No… Mario doesn’t like to share his stash…

What I’m hoping Nintendo will do is simply allow immediate access to the SD cards from the main menu. SD cards do work for storage and it can cost less than $10 for a fairly large one. In fact, you can buy a four gigabyte card on right now. You would have 16 times the storage size of the Wii’s internal bank for less than $5. Kind of puts it into perspective how simple, and cost efficient, it should be to resolve this problem.

So cross your fingers and hope for the best on this one; there’s no telling what Nintendo will whip out.


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