Posted by: Tha Square | August 30, 2008

MotionPlus Planned to be Used in The Conduit

Things certainly are shaping up around High Voltage Software’s Wii game, The Conduit. Following a little hands-on time during PAX (Penny Arcade Expo), the folks at go a few chances to weasel out some more info on the game. Turns out the HVS team is working on bringing the MotionPlus into it. Most of the people who have had a chance to play this already popular title are claiming the controls are extremely well done, especiallywhen it’s only in the pre-alpha stage of completion. What kind of precision is this upcoming device going to bring that’s not already there?

If this game is doing so well and gathering so much attention before it has even been bug tested, imagine what’s going to happen when it’s finally completed. Plus with the online capabilities that so few Wii games have now, this one is bound to win over a few hearts, and minds, outside the console’s fan-base.


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