Posted by: Tha Square | August 21, 2008

Actual Sadness Footage or Another Charade?

I’ve been a long time skeptic of Nibris and its so called game, Sadness. It was announced over two years ago and we really haven’t been shown much of anything from the actual game. We’ve seen stolen concept art and a few leaked screens from them up to this point. Now, they’ve released a video of them supposedly playing the game (I think it was shown at the Leipzig Games Convention but I’m not positive) . The video we came across over at shows several oddities.

The first thing I noticed was the camera’s quality. It’s obviously not one you’d see used to film your average tv show but probably one you’d see used on Youtube video and the like. I’m not trying to diss their equipment, I don’t have anything that expensive myself. I point this out because a camera of this quality would capture the TV’s refresh rate.

Most, if not all, cameras will capture TV and computer monitors’ refreshing their images which something our eyes can’t see without aid. In recordings, TVs that are displaying images will show strange bars flashing across the screen which is nothing more than the monitor refreshing itself. You can look up this occurrence on Youtube or Google or… wherever.

Anyways, this video doesn’t display that; the screen does not refresh. This points to someone taking the real life video and cropping in another to make it look like they were actually playing the game. This is usual on demos or concept videos but this is supposed to be a video of a person actually playing the game. It reminds me of a Levelhead demo I saw a while back. Levelhead is a handheld, cube shaped game in which the goal is to guide a character to the goal by rotating the block. You can see the video I’m referring to below.

You can see they just took an image made on a computer and cropped it into the shot. It doesn’t quite sync up with the movement the player exhibits. The Sadness video is the same; the video looks like it was cropped into the shot. If you stop the video at any point, you’ll also see that there’s a gray area that doesn’t quite fill the entire screen and when the person filming moves, it jumps around out of sync with the TV itself.

Personally, I think the  video is fake. If you don’t recall, they uploaded a screenshot a while back of a game they said they were working on. It was a cartoony cricket (the sport, mind you) game in which they blatantly stole a still from Nintendo. The three pictures below are from Wii Sports: Golf (left), the game Nibris said they were creating (middle), and the two overlapped onto each one-another (right). Do you notice anything strange about them? That’s right – the middle picture and left share the same environment. Nibris even tried to blot out the golfer in the image by pasting a “Fantastic!” exclamation on top of it.

If the video shows actual gameplay and I’m just being overly critical, then I’m impressed. It looks very stylized and I’d be more than happy to shove my foot in my mouth if I’m wrong. However, based on their reputation, I’ll remain a skeptic. They’ve stolen concept art and published it as their own, plagiarized pictures from Nintendo, and now the footage they’ve finally shown after two years in waiting looks fake.


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UPDATE: Soon after I posted this, the Go Nintendo staff was forced to remove the video and it was also removed from the host site. However, a few hours after this article was posted, a Youtube’d video emerged so you should see it at the top of this entry.



  1. Um… this only happens with interlaced TVs, friend. Anything HD, or progressive, or the kind of TV a game developer would have would not have any kind of issues you’re talking about.

  2. well, theres one thing debunked. thanks for the info, i figured it was all of them. thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Sorry but the TV didnt seem like an HD tv it looked like the old cube tvs… So still it should have shown it

  4. yeah i just found a youtube’d video of it and the tv looks like an average rear projection tv. no hd or anything snazzy.

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