Posted by: Tha Square | August 18, 2008

SEGA to Announce New Game Tomorrow?

Apparently, SEGA is going to show off a new Wii game come tomorrow at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany and it’s supposedly a new House of the Dead title. This has not been confirmed to be the actual game shown but one NeoGafer named Vinterbird seems to be a journalist and has said he has been scheduled to see it on Friday.

“Strange this hasn’t been made public yet, as far as I’m concerned I’m not under any NDA or embargo, so I can tell it’s an entirely new House of the Dead. Or at least thats what I assume, since I’m booked for a House of the Dead showing this friday at GC-08… There is honestly not more to tell. I don’t know anything but the fact that Sega has booked my for a showing of House of the Dead at friday 11.20am. But there should be a lot more news on this when we (press) hit the floor of GC-08 in two days.”

The first three titles in the House of the Dead series have already been ported to the Wii and have been pretty well accepted my both the media and consumers. A whole new experience might sell extremely well.


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