Posted by: Tha Square | August 16, 2008

New WiiWare Game Announced From De Blob Team

Three nations are in search of divine power and will stop at nothing to attain it. Align yourself with the likes of barbaric Vikings, tribal Mayans, or (I assume) deadly Ninjas to seek wonders beyond belief! Release your forces upon those who oppose you and dominate the ancient world.

New studio, old faces. After THQ bought their IP, the team behind the original De Blob game for the PC started up their own studio, Ronimo Games. Based out of the Netherlands, the studio has already begun cranking out titles. Their next attempt, Swords and Soldiers, will be the first side scrolling RTS game to hit WiiWare. There will not only be a single player campaign, but there will be local splitscreen and several other modes of play as well. Though there’s no word of online play, I would certainly enjoy it.

Now I’m not 100% sure if ninjas are the third set of soldiers but judging by the ninja star in the logo, I think it’s a pretty safe  bet. I think this would be a pretty awesome online game but even if it doesn’t have that functionality, I’d still be very interested.


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  1. […] Last month, the developers behind de Blob revealed their first attempt at a WiiWare game, Swords and Soldiers. The game will be a cartoon style, 2D, real time strategy game involving Vikings, Aztecs and […]

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