Posted by: Tha Square | August 15, 2008

New-ish K.O.R.E. Screens and Info.

Is it K.O.R.E. or Core…? I just can’t tell. The screens say Core but almost every site I visit lists it as Kore or K.O.R.E. Anyways, the game has been around since ’02 and was supposed to be an exclusive title for the original XBox. It got delayed pretty much indefinitely until now. Jumping systems and allegiance in the “console wars”, the game pits you on the role of three crazy characters in a robotic suit who are trying to free the robotic suit’s creator from evil villains. Humor abounds in this game that can easily be compared to the likes of Psychonauts and Sam and Max. Unique storyline, art style, and gameplay are a sure thing in K.O.R.E. so you might want to add this to your must buy list.



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