Posted by: Tha Square | August 15, 2008

NERF Aims for the Wii

Anyone who grew up in the 90’s can reminisce about summers past filled with neighborhood NERF fights wrought with hours of searching for lost ammo. Ah, all those spongy bullets to the face bring a tear to my eye. Well, the company that has brought decades of hilarioushead shots to the youth of our nation (though they don’t condone shooting others in the dome) is teaming up with EA to bring us a whole new take onWii shooters. NERF N-Strike will be hitting store shelves this fall will an actual NERF gun included. Can you say… bonus?

The game will be an on-rails shooter in which you take down robots with, you guessed it, NERF guns. The bullets have those floaty physics that you’ve grown to know and love so you’ll have to aim as if you’re actually shooting one of the toys. And speaking of toys, the one packed in will not only be a classic NERF gun, one which you can take outside and shoot your friends with, but it also doubles as a Wii Remote housing to be used in the game! Megatight! Check out these screens via IGN and fall in love with NERF all over again.


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