Posted by: Tha Square | August 11, 2008

Number None Inc.’s Braid Too Big for WiiWare

A new game hit the Xbox Live Arcade recently entitled Braid made by a company known as Number None Inc. Many sites have praised its brain busting puzzles and unrivaled uniqueness which has left the world wondering if it will be heading to other systems. Sony fans might be in for this treat some time down the road but Nintendo owners won’t be seeing it any time soon. Jonathan Blow, one of the brains behind Braid, told Game Focus the Wii’s internal memory couldn’t handle this game. 

“He did let us know that a Playstation Network version may come later on after the timed exclusivity of the game ends sometime in the future. Jonathan also mentioned that a Wii Ware version just will not happen because of the download size of the actual game is just too large for the Wii’s internal storage, a complaint we have heard many times from many developers.”

Sorry Wii fans; until Nintendo works out a solution for their memory misstep, we won’t be playing this gem.



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