Posted by: Tha Square | August 9, 2008

Renegade Kid Turns Their Attention to the Wii

Wii owners rejoice; one of the DS’ best third party developers will soon be making thier way to the Wii. The people at Renegade Kid are the masterminds behind one of the best FPS games on the Nintendo hand-held system, Dementium: The Ward. Their next game soley entitled Moon will be their next attempt to clinch the FPS catergory on the DS. However, during a recent interview with IGN, the company declaired they’ll be looking to leave their mark on the Wii.

“Our Wii game will be announced very soon… We won’t turn our back on DS, though.”

Some have said Renegade Kid is to the DS as High Voltage Software is to the Wii. A company that truly pushes the limits of their favored system to bring the best they’ve got to their fans. Though what and when they’ll announce is still unknown, I think it’s best to keep an eye on these guys.



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