Posted by: Tha Square | August 9, 2008

Nintendo Proves 3rd Parties Are Doing Well on the Wii

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a rampant fanboy claim that third party developers get the shaft when they release a game on the Wii. Usually pointing to good ol’ Video Game Chartz and the fact that first party Nintendo games dominate the top ten list at the site, the antagonists will poke and prod Wii owners just to get a rouse. Now, however, the “flamers” have one less bullet to fire upon our masses.

Nintendo has released a chart depicting the third party sales figures in the first 19 months of each of the three major consoles’ lifespan. It can easily been seen how theWii’s support has been holding up. Based on the graph, third party games for the Wii have sold more the either of its competitors in their 19th month. It does not show the current sales figures as both the Wii and PS3 are in their 21st month of availability and the 360 is in its 33rd. So finally, the “lack of 3rd party sales” debate can come to an end… at least for now.



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