Posted by: Tha Square | August 8, 2008

Ozzy and a Few New Guitar Hero: World Tour Confirmations

World Tour is edging closer to release and some new artists and tracks have been confirmed to be in the game. From Bob Seger to Survivor, the list of big time rockers and bands is growing and growing. the newly confirmed songs include:

  • Airbourne – “Too Much Too young…”
  • At the Drive-in – “One Armed Scissor”
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Weapon of Choice”
  • Bob Seger – “Hollywood Nights”
  • Dinosaur Jr. – “Feel the pain”
  • Silversun Pickups – “Lazy Eye”
  • Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”

If those name drops aren’t enough for you, then maybe Ozzy can win you over. Ozzy Osbourne has been confirmed as a playable character and a few of his songs are on board as well. “Mr. Crowley” and “Crazy Train” will be yours for the rocking and OZZFest will be an exclusive venue in Guitar Hero: World Tour. Oh yes, bound to rock we all are come this Fall.


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