Posted by: Tha Square | August 8, 2008

Another Nintendo Knockoff

It seems like a new spin on Nintendo’s inventions comes once every couple of months. Asus is creating the Eee stick, hand-held remote controllers for the PC that eerily resemble the Wii Nunchuck. With a wireless USB dongle, the dual controllers will attempt to replace the keyboard and mouse setup that has dominated the gaming world on the PC. Will the Eee stick succeed? You make the call.

The Eee Stick is made up of a seven button “Activation stick” and a “Navigation stick,” which has a thumb-operated joystick mounted on top. Both communicate with the PC through a 2.4GHz RF USB dongle, which has a 10m broadcast range

Vibration feedback’s enabled on both sticks and they have three distinct modes of operation: 3D motion, pointing and titling. In 3D motion the controllers respond to and reproduce movement along all axes, in addition to wrist rotations, which should be good for beat ‘em up games. Pointing is designed for shooting games and tilting mode’s for racing or flying titles.


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