Posted by: Tha Square | July 25, 2008

Ubisoft Announces Games to Be Shown at Leipzig ’08

The 2008 Leipzig Games Convention will be held near the end of next month and we’re already seeing publisher’s roster blossom. Ubisoft has released the gaming lineup they’ll be demoing and it doesn’t have many shockers. Raving Rabbids TV Party and Shaun White’s Snowboarding will be on scene yet again along with… wait a second… Casual Wii, DS Titles?

– Far Cry 2 (PS3, Xbox 360)
– Tom Clancy´s EndWar (PS3, Xbox 360)
– Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Wii, NDS)
– Prince of Persia (PS3, Xbox 360)
– Prince of Persia: The Fallen King (NDS)
– Shaun White Snowboarding (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)

– Tom Clancy´s H.A.W.X (PS3, Xbox 360)
– Naruto – The Broken Bond (Xbox 360)
– Casual Wii, DS titles

Did I miss something here? What’s the deal with actually announcing they’ll be showing off “Casual Games”? That’d be like Universal Studios announcing they’ll be releasing “Made for TV movies” for the rest of the year. That’s not the only thing I see amiss though; where’s Red Steel 2?

Given the fact that the MotionPlus wasn’t shared with developer’s until its E3 debut, Ubisoft might be reworking the game. I’m hoping that they don’t want to show the world the sequel without the MotionPlus controls rather than laying it out in the state in which it would be in before they knew of this technology. Red Steel 2 could be a surprise title so don’t count that explanation out. Whatever the course may be, lets just hope the game turns out nice.


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