Posted by: Tha Square | July 24, 2008

RUMOR: E3 2009 Open to the Public!?

After this year’s E3, it’s obvious the event needs a drastic overhaul. It may have worked in 2007, but almost everyone involved this year didn’t like it for one reason or another. The only thing disliked I can recall about how the old E3 was handled was the crowded floor riddled with ravenous fans. Now that the event has been reduced to its exclusive state, many media sources are beginning to miss the horde.

Reports from across the Net mention how the event almost felt dead without the overzealous fanboys. Pictures of vacant hallways and forgotten stations make the thought of being elbowed in the face but some fat guy sound fun. Rumor now has it that E3 2009 will revert back to its original venue allowing any gamer entry but of course, this has yet to be confirmed and we will probably not hear any valid confirmation for some time. Still, when you consider how saddening many reporters made this event sound, allowing a few thousand fans access seems like a good plan to me.


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