Posted by: Tha Square | July 23, 2008

Developers Didn’t Know About Wii MotionPlus

If you think we’re going to see a bunch of games right off the bat when the MotionPlus comes out, think again. Many developers didn’t have a clue that Nintendo was coming out with the device and felt as betrayed as the core gamers did during Nintendo’s press conference. With the lack of prior knowledge of this device, developers will probably not be able to implement its uses in games that come out during the same time. It’s hard to say when the third party support for the MotionPlus will start coming in, but some have predicted a six to nine month draught in which we may not see one game using the peripheral other than Wii Sports Resort, of course.

Jeff Cork of Game Informer brought up a really good point in his article: how is this going to affect the market?

It looks as though Nintendo’s making what could already be a tough sell even tougher. One of the Wii’s strengths is that it streamlines the process of getting into games. Imagine the confusion that gaming neophytes will face when they’re told they’ll have to buy an additional gizmo to make the controller function the way it says it does on the Wii’s box. Couple that with a limited selection of games—with little third-party support at first—and the waters get even murkier.”

I think current owners will swallow this pill a whole lot better than those still looking for a Wii. Someone who is thinking of buying the console at a store is already going to fret over the moderate price tag and when the salesman pitches them the MotionPlus they might get upset. I’d think it’d be like buying a car then learning there’s a new add-on that will makes the brakes engage faster called the BrakePlus.


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