Posted by: Tha Square | July 22, 2008

Get ’em While They’re Hot! Nintendo Controllers Soon to Be Outlawed!

Apparently, Nintendo put a few toes over the line all of which may soon see the axe. Nintendo has been in trouble for some time over their Wavebird, original GameCube, and Wii Classic controllers as they seem to infringe upon Texas based Anascape Ltd.’s patents. The inventor, Brad Armstrong, has  been looking to enter into the market but says Nintendo and Microsoft have”clogged the channel” by which he would make his debut.

The ban was to begin tomorrow but as Nintendo is going to appeal and post bond, it will be put on hold. Since they no longer make the Wavebird or original GameCube controllers, the appeal will be made so they can continue manufacturing the Wii Classic Controller. The Nunchuck was also involved in the lawsuit but was ruled that it did not infringed upon the original patent. Microsoft was also to be sued but settled out of court before the trial began.

I don’t know how this will effect the market, but I hope the Armstrong the best. Just because he’s a little fish in a big pond doesn’t mean his patents should go unheeded.



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