Posted by: Tha Square | July 17, 2008

New SPRay Screens and Repulsive Information

Care to play a game that will make you puke? Yeah, me too. SPRay is about a young heir to his family’s throne whose crown is embodied with two spirits of opposite spectrum. One is a spirit of light which will spray out water when needed. The other is a dark spirit that will make you purge yourself to find hidden paths, immobilize enemies, and pretty much make the immidiate area smell of last nights meatloaf.

Not much is known about the story or what you’ll be doing in-game, but it is known that you’ll be assembling certain objects to advance the story, finding those hidden paths i mentioned earlier with your vomit, and fighting boss battles such as an ice spider. Enjoy these pictures from IGN and as Wayne says, “Chew it back man! Chew it back!”



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