Posted by: Tha Square | July 14, 2008

Animal Crossing, Punch-Out!, and Disaster Confirmed for E3

Three more nuggets of entertainment are finally on their way to the public’s eye. Animal Crossing, Punch-Out! Wii, and Disaster: Day of Crisis have all been confirmed to not only be shown at E3 this week, but be playable as well. NGamer, the magazine that published these claims, reportedly will be having some hands on time with each and makes a few claims worth mentioning.

The magaizine claims that Animal Crossing is not an MMO as many gamers have come to assume but will use the Wii’s online capabilities to a great extent. My assumption is that friends will be able to visit each others’ towns as the DS version of the game offers and will possibly be used to purchase items from an online store.

News about Punch-Out!, is probably what any Wii gamer would expect; you use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck for punches and the Ballance Board will be used for evasion. If you don’t recall, the Punch-Out! series started way back on the NES. You play as Little Mac and take on several contenders including Mike Tyson in a seperate version of the game. Little Mac has been revived a few times before, but his most recent appearance is as an assist trophy in Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Also, they claim Disaster: Day of Crisis will be shown during this event as I’ve said before. The game was supposed to be released in Japan several months ago but rumor has it that it was delayed after a very large earthquake struck Japan.NGamer does not confirm that it will be playable, but they’re pretty sure it will be.

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NOTE: Apparently, this was a complete lie cooked up by the people at NGamer magazine. Seeing how they should be a reputable source being a pen and ink publisher and all, they duped many of us with their concoction. My apologies to all those who thought this was going to come to fruition.


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