Posted by: Tha Square | July 12, 2008

VGChartz and WiiWare-World Interview High Voltage Software

Over the past week, Nintendo fans have been abuzz over High Voltage Software (HVS). With The Conduit beginning to look like one of the prettiest titles in the Wii’s library, the anxious chatter is nothing less than appropriate. During the wake their latest video made, the company took the time to talk to a few sites about the games they’re currently working on. Speaking to VGChartz about The Conduit and WiiWare-World about Animales de la Muerte , HVS let a few cats out of their bag.

With 20 questions fired at Tom Martin, the producer of The Conduit, Benjamin Cornelisse of VGChartz had quite a lengthy chat. A few of the questions really shed some light on several issues..

“… Can you tell us something about the depth of the storyline and the background story of the game?

(Tom) The story in The Conduit is totally different than either Halo or Half-Life. We have written an original story that I find quite thought-provoking. We wanted to tell the story without taking up too much game play time. While the story and subject matter is deep, it’s also very fast-paced. All I can say about the plot is expect some twists and turns along the way!

… What can we expect from “The Conduit” that even, like stated by HV in an interview, impresses gamers that mainly play FPSs on the PC?

(Tom) I think our greatest strength is the sheer amount of customization that can be done concerning the controls. The customization is closer to something you would find in a PC game, allowing the player to remap and configure their controls to be “just right”.
The Wii controls are unique to gaming and feel quite intuitive in a shooter.”

Corbie Dillard of WiiWare-World also had a chance to throw a few questions HVS’s way. Speaking to Chad Kent, the Executive Producer at HVS, Dillard inquired about Animales de la Muerte – the company’s next WiiWare outing.

“Where in the world did the idea for a Mexican-themed shooter set inside of a zoo originate?

In the sick and twisted…sorry I mean in the radically creative minds of our creative crew. A lot of us are zombie movie junkies around office but I don’t think any of us were really prepared for it when the creative staff hit us with Animales. The combination of comedy and solid game mechanics was great and we became determined to bring this hilarious and slightly twisted vision to life.

What are some of the unique aspects of Animales do la Muerte that set it apart from other typical run-n-gun shooters out there?

Well as soon as the creative team’s dirty little secret was out there in the open we had an “intervention”, otherwise known as design brainstorming meeting. The guys really wanted to focus on fast paced game play, a wide assortment of weapons and enemies, and tie it all together with the comedic setting and storyline. This created a face paced, challenging, visually attractive shooter, that you need to try to keep up with while giggling you’re a$$ off.

Do you have any other WiiWare projects in the works which you can tell us about?Actually we have a couple more currently in the works but those are still pretty hush hush, but don’t worry we will keep you posted.”

There are a lot more information in the rest of the interviews conducted so if you want the rest, just hit up the links to the respective sites and enjoy!


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