Posted by: Tha Square | July 10, 2008

New Mega Man 9 Trailer and Info.

Hungry for Mega Man 9? Of course you are! Capcom is certainly delivering to your neck of the woods as they’ve released this footage along with some more info on their upcoming WiiWare title.

The most important news they have released is announcing Mega Man 9 is no longer an exclusive title. The Blue Bomber is also going to hit the PSN and XBLA – PlayStation 3’s and Xbox 360’s downloadable content platforms. Though many a gamer were expecting Capcom to bring their title to other consoles, some people are upset that it’s no longer a WiiWare only game. The more the merrier I say; it means more people will be able to enjoy the game. Mega Man 1 and 2 are also on their way to the Virtual Console. Though there is no date attached to the announcement, it’s good to know they’re coming.

They have also let slip the plot. The game is set after Mega Man 8 in the year 200X and robots have begun reeking havoc across the globe. After witnessing the event on the TV, Dr. Light is astonished to see that robots causing all the problems are of those he has built. While the events are taking place, Dr. Wily steps in and blames Dr. Light for the riots and it’s up to Mega Man to save his creator’s reputation.

More news will come at E3 next week be sure to check back as the event progresses.


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