Posted by: Tha Square | June 30, 2008

Wii DVD Not Coming As Soon As You May Think.

Gamers have been arguing over the Wii’s lacking hardware since the “Revolution” was first announced. From graphics to internal memory, the internet slap fest humbly known as the console wars has yet to stop. To fuel the fire, Nintendo has announced they not only have plans for a DVD playing Wii in the works, but they’re already postponing it’s release as well. Pointing to the Wii’s constant state of unavailability, Satoru Iwata said, “With supply constraints continuing worldwide, the priority is on the current model.”

What gets my goat is that Nintendo could have easily instituted the DVD capabilities in the launch system. They chose not to, however, because they felt as if gamers didn’t want nor need another such device. I just don’t see why they’re going to make the “upgrade” now. They trail the PS3 andXbox 360 in every department hardware wise (except the controls, of course), why increase their lead by “upgrading” to an almost 15 year old standard?

Plus, I agree that gamers nor consumers don’t need another DVD player. I personally have at least six in my house and most just gather dust. If someone was going to give me a DVD player, I’d probably say “no thanks” a be on my way.

Nintendo is probably going to charge a boat load of money for the new model. Though it will probably come stocked with more internal memory and the DVD player, the fact still remains they could have, and should have, done this at launch. But of course, Nintendo doesn’t roll like that; they’ll sell the base product for a bundle of money and then sell upgrades for it that should have been included in the first place. That’s the Nintendo way.




  1. […] upset Wii owners in the know. If a few unpaid people can roll out a hack that allows DVD support, why hasn’t Nintendo “unlocked” this feature a long time ago? Anyhow, if you’re part of the Homebrew movement, you might want to check […]

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