Posted by: Tha Square | June 26, 2008

Mega Man 9 Confirmed for WiiWare

A frenzy of anticipation was kicked up a few weeks back when Mega Man 9 was found to be rated on the Australian Classification Board. Now that the dust has settled, Mega Man rests securely on Nintendo’s WiiWare lineup. Though I haven’t found news of an actual date, I’m sure we’ll be hearing, and seeing, more of this game at E3 in the following month.

The Blue Bomber is going back to his roots in the upcoming title; Mega  Man 9 will be using sprites from the NES in all 8 glorious bits. There will be new items as well including the pendulums seen in the above scan. Also new to the series is a robot boss named Splash Woman – the first female boss in the Mega Man series. The other bosses include Magma Man, Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, Concrete Man, Hornet Man, Plug Man, and Tornado Man.

Capcom might just pull in a huge win with this one and the timing couldn’t be better either. With gamers constantly referencing retro games on T-shirts and the like, it definitely calls for some old school call backs. Given the fact that they’ll be reusing some 20 year old images, producig this game shouldn’t be very costly and could turn out a lot of profit.


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