Posted by: Tha Square | June 17, 2008

Nintendo to Announce “Core” Games at E3

Tired of all the casual friendly games on the Nintendo? Well, you can rest your weary head tonight as Nintendo will be showing off some games that should tickle your fancy. During a recent interview with GamePro, Marc Franklin, who is the director of public relations at Nintendo, reminded the core gamers that the Big N wasn’t leaving them behind.  

“We recently announced the upcoming release of Mario Super Sluggers… Additionally, we will be announcing several new titles that core gamers will be interested in around the time of E3.”

Though it’s still unclear what the “new titles” will be, there are dozens of games to choose from in the Nintendo lineup. Speculation of a new Kid Icarus title has been sweeping the net for several months since Pit made his reemergence into the gaming spotlight in the Super Smash Brothers Brawl lineup. There are also several key franchises that the Wii has yet to see, including the F-Zero, Kirby, and Star Fox series, to name a few. 

Whatever may happen at this year’s E3, core Nintendo fans should be pleased.



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