Posted by: Tha Square | June 14, 2008

RUMOR: Microsoft Soon to Suck Up SEGA?

The rumor mills have dug up quite a tantalizing nugget today stirring up concern and anxiety in many gamers across the Net. Plans to consume SEGA (officially called Sega Sammy Corporation) are supposedly in the works over at Microsoft and the cat might come out of the bag during the year’s E3. Though this isn’t confirmed or denied by Microsoft, the possibility is still there.

…Much has changed over recent years though, with SEGA upping their release schedule across not just the Xbox brand, but also the Playstation and to a lesser extent, Nintendo consoles. This rather bulky release schedule helped SEGA rise from the ashes to become a once more successful part of the gaming front.

So it’s no surprise that rumors are once again circulating that Microsoft may be about to make a move for SEGA (now SEGA Sammy Corp). It’s certainly not the first time we’ve heard about such a move…

…Microsoft are expected to make a ’shocking and desperate’ announcement at this years E3 – all we know is that it will be software related and nothing to do with hardware. It’s also no secret that Microsoft has had a very hard time in Japan with the 360 – SEGA might be the very company to help turn that around…”

As a gamer, I do hope this isn’t true. SEGA and Nintendo have been rivals in the past, but their feud has been put to rest long ago. SEGA leaving the free market to become an exclusive studio would be quite sad.




  1. Im not sure if they should bother? Sega have hardly been one of the best console games makers!

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