Posted by: Tha Square | June 13, 2008

Nyko Sued Over Wireless Wii Nunchuck



Nintendo is not a very passive company. You “borrow” their ideas and you’re boned. Now, they’re up in arms over Nyko’s “Wireless Kama Nunchuck” claiming that they infringed upon their rights.

 The product“wholly appropriates the novel shape, design, overall appearance and even the color and materials used in the Nintendo Nunchuk controller.”

If you’ve ever seen one of the controllers, it does look very similar. However the proceedings go, lets hope both sides can come to an agreement and Nyko will continue making products for the Wii.




  1. Look’s like Nyko have made what Nintendo should have done in the first place.

  2. i totally agree. nintendo should have and could have made a wireless nunchuck right from the get go but thats not the usualy nintedo way.. first they gotta sell the basic model, then sell an improved feature (one that should havebeen there in the first place) and add ons and…

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