Posted by: Tha Square | June 9, 2008

WiiWare Not So Developer Friendly?

Wiiware was supposed to be a service that any developer could make a game for. In fact, that was one of the key features that Nintendo highlighted for the platform.From the big guys like Square-Enix to the no name, college students, WiiWare was suppose to be virtualyl untouchable by Nintendo. However, they’reseemingly already turning their backs on the whole “humbled hosts” sentiment for a few of the small time developers.

Xiotex Studios, one of probably several companies rejected by the Big N, was sent a somewhat uninviting response to their application. In fact, they were downright denied access. In one of their recent posts, the folks at Xiotex posted Nintendo’s reply:

“Thank you for your interest for Authorized Developer status for Wii. We
have completed our evaluation of your application and are unable to offer
your company Authorized Developer status at the present time.

In evaluating developers, Nintendo looks for relevant game development
experience. In addition, Nintendo looks for secure business facilities,
sufficient equipment and staffing, financial stability and other
attributes that would distinguish the developer.

Nintendo provides Authorized Developers with highly confidential
information and many of Nintendo’s Licensees rely on recommendations and
referrals by Nintendo to Authorized Developers. For these reasons,
Nintendo exercises a very high level of discretion in approving only a
select number of applicants.

In accordance with our policies, we are not able to re-evaluate requests
for developer status for at least six months. Again, we appreciate your
interest, and welcome any questions or concerns you might have regarding
this decision.

Best regards,

Software Development Support Group & Licensing Department
Nintendo of America & Nintendo of Europe”

I wonder why Nintendo is restricting this person (or people, I can’t tell) who has actual experience with console games when companies like XGen Studios who have only done flash games are given the go ahead. It’s apparent that there is already a wave of less-than-great titles hitting WiiWare. Several of these gems are already available for purchase so why can’t this studio get permission?

I’m glad they’re regulating their console’s available media, but why allow the likes of Critter Round Up and Defend Your Castle on board but not allow a person who has actual development experience to do what they do best? Look at Luc Bernard and his Eternity’s Child game. That guy has no proven experience and the game was given the go ahead without question.

Maybe they just overlooked this person’s profile or something… who knows…



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