Posted by: Tha Square | May 27, 2008

Miyaomoto Educates NaySayers of WiiFit

 Ever since the Wii was announced, people have been bad mouthing the console. From saying it’s a gimmicky fad to calling it the downfall of gaming, fanboys and girls have been swimming against the Wii’s current since November of 2006. Now, with the release of WiiFit, Wii haters think they have yet another bullet to load into their negativity gun. However, according to Shigeru Miyamoto, they’re dead wrong. In a recent interview with’s Jeremy Parish, Shiggy not only defended the console’s latest peripheral, but also went on to say it will help keep gaming alive.

“The core gaming market didn’t buy the Wii to play Wii Sports. But it was a means by which gamers could get the nongaming people in their lives to take an interest in their hobby. Wii Fit will play a similar role: It will continue to broaden interest in videogames. That’s important for the core gamer — the bigger the audience, the greater the chance for something that’s new and unique to succeed. As the people around you who haven’t been playing videogames take an interest in things like Wii Fit, it’s going to change the impression that people have of what videogaming means. Rather than be concerned that we’re abandoning them, core gamers should realize that we’re creating a better environment for their hobby.”

Yes, WiiFit will not only help get one interested in their own health, it will also get nongamers interested in gaming at the same time. When your mom or dad plays the game and begins to understand why you play, then it truly is “creating a better environment for their hobby”.



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