Posted by: Tha Square | May 21, 2008

Donnie Darko Star to Play Prince of Persia

Yesterday, Disney announced their plans to enlist Jake Gyllenhaal to star in their impending game based movie, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. You may know Gyllenhaal from blockbuster favorites such as Bubble Boy, October Sky, Jar Head, Brokeback Mountain, and the cult favorite, Donnie Darko. Disney is setting their sights high with this movie hoping they can rocket the franchise to “the next Priates of the Carribean” fame.

Gyllenhaal will star as Dastan, obviously the prince, along side an “exotic princess” played by Gemma Arterton as they try to keep the Sands of Time out of the hands of evil. Production of the movie will begin in July and we should hit the silver screen in the summer of 2009.

All I know is I’m happy to hear Uwe Boll isn’t involved.




  1. Every since brokeback I have tried to find every movie he has played in. I think he is the most hansome man I have ever seen in my life, seems like such a gentle soul, I am a old woman, and he makes me think about things I forgot about a long time ago. I think he should have won an oscar for that movie. I just love him.

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