Posted by: Tha Square | April 27, 2008

Majesco Blows Friend Codes Away with Blast Works

Finally! A Wii game that doesn’t require friend codes! Blast Works has devised a way to get around the “unfriendly” system Nintendo has forced upon us all. When you connect to their website (I assume during gameplay), you can connect with friends from across the globe. Don’t remember their name? Well, just look them up according to their geographic location. Here’s a quote from MTV Multiplayer’s interview with Kevin Ray, Chief Technology Officer at Majesco:

Multiplayer: How did you get around the Friend Code issue?

Ray: Every Wii has a guaranteed unique ID (GUID) that identifies the device. If you look in the Address Book on your Wii you can see this number called the Wii Machine ID. We reference this ID when you connect to the site. The combination of a secure network connection and this unique Wii Machine ID allow us to seamlessly integrate the web site with your Wii and bypass any cumbersome login procedures. It also allows us to implement a directory-service that is above the cumbersome method of remembering friend-codes and allow players to find one another based on real name, user name, favorite game, geographic region, etc.

There’s a lot of interesting information in the rest of this interview so if you’re up for it, click on the link below to read the rest!


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