Posted by: Tha Square | April 25, 2008

Resident Evil 0 – Debut Trailer

The Resident Evil series is getting another Wiimake! Resident Evil: Biohazard Zero is, I assume the new name as it’s shown in the video.  It looks like there will be two player co-op but the controls Resident Evil 4 brought to the Wii don’t appear to be included. Either way, fans should be on the fence with this one.

Resident Evil 0 was a Gamecube exclusive so there’s very little reason to port it over, especially since the Resident Evil 4 controls seem to have gone unheeded. There will probably be some waggle moves implemented to make it appear like they made some sort of effort in porting this to the Wii, but I’d guess nothing more than what Umbrella Chronicles did with reloading and dodging. If you haven’t played this during the GameCube era or are a hardcore fan, you might keep an eye out.

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