Posted by: Tha Square | April 23, 2008

A Few Retro Studios Workers Take a Hike

With Metroid Prime 3 still a quite recent article in manys video gaming memory banks, the team behind it has begun to break up. Three of the many minds behind the series have left their for greener pastures. Mark Pacini, Todd Keller, and Jack Mathews were said to be escorted off of the Retro Studios premises last Friday. Being escorted off a premises usually means these people did not leave on friendly terms. Some speculation has been made as to whether these three individuals were, or are, planning to start their own studio, but with the lack of details, it’s just another assumption.

Retro Studios is not closing their doors and is still working on future Wii projects, whatever they may be.  



  1. […] of the minds behind the Metroid Prime series left Retro Studios on a bit of a sour note. Said to be escorted off the premises, these three developers were the former Game Director, Art Director and Principal Technology […]

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