Posted by: Tha Square | April 17, 2008

EA Pulls the Plug on Head-Tracking in Boom Blox

If you have ever seen Johnny Lee’s head-tracking video on his site, you’ll understand instantly how disappointing this news is. Head-tracking is a way a video game can follow your dome piece as the Wii does with the Wii Remotes. To achieve this act, you’d basically place the Wii Remote at the base of your TV and put the sensor bar on your head (or create a pair of IR LED goggles). 

Apparently EA was going to use this functionality in Boom Blox as an Easter Egg, having players create their own IR LED goggles once they unlocked the mode. Now, without reason, they have pulled the rug out from under the whole thing leaving anticipating gamers left in utter disbelief.

Why would EA remote such a feature? Wouldn’t it make them one of, if not the, first major game company to use such? Did Nintendo restrict them from using the technology or something? Since EA will not give a reason why it was removed, we may never know…

In case you have never seen Johnny Lee’s head-tracking video, here it is! you can see more of his Wii experiments at his site (Link below)




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