Posted by: Tha Square | April 15, 2008

Prizefighter Allows WiiBoard Support

Want a more realistic fighting game? OK, how about one where you actually train with your in-game counterpart? Don King Presents: Prizefighter will do just that. Enabling the use of the Wii Balance Board, the Wii Remote, and the Nunchuck, you’ll be jumping rope, doing push ups and the like in training minigames along side your character. Though I didn’t see if this would affect the actual game in any way, I think it’d be pretty awesome if your training actually did. They also boast that the title has a deep plot further than just boxing, comparing their game to the likes of Facebreaker, the Fight Night Series, and Def Jam.

A story mode is getting off the point though – I think boxing is all about fighting. Using the Wii Remote and Ballance Board to actually train? That’s like WiiFit +1! Don’t get me wrong, I dig the fact that the put the time into making an actual plot to go along with, but If I can actually use the Ballance Board with this game and my exercise will reflect onto my in-game counterpart, that’d be awesome! Here’s a quote from’s interview with 2K’s Executive Producer Matthew Seymour :

“The Wii we’re excited about, because everyone’s craving a proper boxing game on the Wii where you can use the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk. But in addition to that, we’re bringing Wii Fit and the Balance Board – you’ll be able to use those for training. So stuff like the jump rope game we have, you can be on the Balance Board and have the Wii Remote in your back pocket. We have top boxing trainers putting together a workout routine, and using the BMI indicators that Nintendo put out you can actually get a boxing workout using Wii Prizefighter…

 You’ll get pretty damn fit, yeah. It’s a workout – even the silly Wii Sports one is a workout. We intend to give you a real one with the Balance Board. I have the Balance Board at work and it is tiring. But they do it with the BMI index to make sure you don’t over work yourself; it says ‘hey, you’ve done good, go and have a beer now’ (laughs)… well, they don’t say that but they should…”

If you enjoyed Wii Sports Boxing or any other fighting game on the Wii, definitely read the rest of this interview over at


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