Posted by: Tha Square | April 14, 2008

Korean Wii Release Finally Set in Stone

After a long hiatus, Korea has finalized their plans to allow the Nintendo Wii is hit their shores. Available to Korean consumers the 26th of this month, the Wii will debut for 220,000 Korean Won (about $230 USD) with eight games and the Virtual Console.

With the likes of Elebits, Rayman: Raving Rabbids 2, Zack & Wiki, Namco Museum Remix, Swing Golf Pangya 2nd Shot, and FIFA 08, third party developers are certainly ready to tap this market. Korea won’t be seeing a Wii Sports add in for free as well; it, along with Wii Play, will be on sale at launch for about 49,400 Won (about $40 USD) each.

At launch, the Virtual Console will be a little sparse. It will have only three systems to choose from – NES, SNES, and the N64. There will be several titles released within the month which kind of makes up for the lackluster showing from the available consoles to choose from. Super Mario Bros., Kirby’s Adventure, Donkey Kong, Gradius III, Antarctic Adventure, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Cybernator, Contra III, and Mario Kart 64will all be available on the 26th.

It’s kind of weird that, other than the Virtual Console games and Wii Sports/Play, there aren’t any other 1st party titles. No Mario Galaxy, no Twilight Princess, no Metroid Prime 3 no… anything Nintendo pretty much.  But this signifies some good news for the Big N – they’ve got one one the biggest censoring nation to allow them to sell their product! High five Nintendo! Woo!



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