Posted by: Tha Square | April 14, 2008

Get Ready to Call WiiWare Home Sweet Home

Time to kick back and put your feet up cause Home Sweet Home is coming soon to WiiWare. From Canada based Big Blue Bubble Game Development Company, Home Sweet Home will pit you on the role of a home decorator out to create the perfect abode for your esteemed clients.

Join a crack team of indoor consultants and craftsmen as you make even the dullest quarters shine! In the game, you listen to what your client desires and assemble your employees to build it to their vision. With simplistic controls and interfaces, Home Sweet Home should be a home maker’s dream come true!

OK… so right off the bat, this looks like a dimmed down version of The Sims to me, given the fact that you’re not building your own home or doing anything else the Sims franchise does. From one of the screenshots, I noticed there are 26 houses on the map so I’m assuming there will be at least that many levels.  Also I take from the quote below that you’re not even designing a house; you’re designing only one room of a house.  

“Picture the scene. You move into a new house and you have visions of how you want every room, except for one. Sure, there are some items you know you need in that room but, other than that, it’s a blank canvas. Who do you call? How about the ‘Home Sweet Home’ team?”

If you’re into home design and the like, you might be interested in this WiiWare outing. If you’re not then… I dunno, buy a different game?



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