Posted by: Tha Square | April 11, 2008

Toki Tori Soon to be Hatching on WiiWare


That’s right ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hens and co… uh… rosters… Toki Tori is Wii bound! It was originally released on the Game Boy Color in 2001 but Two Tribes (the developers) have decided to polish it up and release it as a WiiWare launch title!

In the game, you take on the role of a chick trying to save his egg brethren who were strewn across the globe. In the original game there were over 60 different maps to choose from and 10 weapons to help you on your way but there’s no word if they’ve added any new weapons or maps to the bunch. However, the original game did get the IGN Editor’s Choice Award when it came out (recieved a 9.0 from the reviewer) so even if there’s nothing new added it should be worth a purchase, or at least a looking into.

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