Posted by: Tha Square | April 10, 2008

News from the Nintendo Media Summit

Today, Nintendo began their annual, week long media event (think a mini Nintendo only E3) and divulged quite a bit of information on their upcoming games. From declaring Wii Fit as “the answer to core gamers” to… like the 3rd name change in the Mario Baseball series, there’s definitely some Nintendo happenings going on in San Fransico. Here’s a small quote from the IGN Wii Team:

“NOA’s Bill Trinen takes the stage to chat about Mario Super Sluggers. Begins demoing the game. Previews the pitching and hitting mechanics, which are operated by the Wii remote. Gamers will pitch the ball by making a throwing motion with the Wii remote. To add spin to the ball, players simply twist the Wii remote while throwing.

Fielding the ball seems extremely simple. Bill just shakes the Wii remote and the fielders will automatically run toward hit balls. Once a ball is scooped up, he makes a throwing motion and they auto-throw it to the intended base.

Several of Bill’s movements have gone unrecognized by the game. Not a very good sign…”



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